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The Art of Dog has a strict no refund policy on private lessons. Private lessons require a great deal of trust between The Art of Dog and our clients. We are trusting you to continue to work with your dog outside of the scheduled lesson times. We understand that our training programs are an investment; if you are willing to invest in us, we will invest in you and your dog. 

We very much understand that dealing with reactive and aggressive dogs can be very frustrating. We are here to help, train, empathize, and guide you through these processes. However if you make the decision to re-home or euthanize your dog based on any opinion NOT GIVEN by The Art of Dog or it’s staff,  we will continue to adamantly uphold this policy.

The Art of Dog has a strict no refund policy on deposits and payments for our board and train program. We want to be completely transparent about this because we are aware that this is a big investment. With the limited space available for training spots, it’s important that our clients are as equally invested in the training as we are. Your deposit reserves either two, three, or four weeks of training. Once your spot is reserved, that takes away another training spot for another client. It is important that we have this system in place to protect our time as well as our business. We thank you for your understanding.