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Tom and Danielle started their journey training with me long before The Art of Dog was an idea. Immediately upon finishing our first lesson, I knew they would be successful because they both had a sense of humor. Sure, sounds silly, after all, I am a dog trainer, I’m supposed to train the dog…however, if you know me, I prefer to keep things lighthearted. Fast forward 4 months and we have The Art of Dog’s first clients. Coco and Gille (sp) are pretty awesome dogs and were in need of simply some basic obedience and some new living strategies to keep up all the hard work Tom and Danielle have put in. Going above and beyond the bare minimum required to “train” their dogs, I now often receive pictures and videos of Coco and Gille heeling off leash, eating ice cream in crowded places, and just overall being awesome! Did I mention that Danielle made me brunch? IT WAS AWESOME. This family has become more than the milestone in The Art of Dog’s existence. They have become my friends. Thank you both, for giving me the chance to train your dogs, eat your food, and drink your beer!


I received a phone call from Lindsay expressing interest in helping deal with the issues Bear and Lilly were having with each other. They would often fight in the house, over seemingly nothing, lunge and bark at people on leash, and just genuinely cause a lot more stress than desired. We dove in and tackled the issues right away, getting these two straightened out in no time. At times it was incredibly difficult handling them in public…but Ryan and Lindsay always rose to the task and handled it like professionals. Im happy to report that Bear and Lilly are now shining examples of what hard work, and a little dog trainer magic gets you. Oh yeah, and they’re not fighting!