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Your dog will enjoy a stay at our training facility. Living with professional dog trainers has distinct advantages when compared to private lessons.





When looking to do a board & train with your dog it is important to first ask the question "what is a board & train?" and also understand "what a board & train is NOT". The following outlines this and more!


Your dog is learning directly from a professional, getting hours upon hours of training each day, where every decision is guided and reinforced.


Allow us to work through the tough stages of early training.


Post board and train is incredibly important! Now that your dog is back home it’s important to keep up the training. The Art of Dog offers UNLIMITED follow up support for the length of the time you own your dog.

-Phone/Text access to our trainers
-1 Go Home lesson where were show you how to do everything we did, trouble shoot any issues, explain the tools, the training, and the behaviors.
-UNLIMITED follow up lessons to use at your discretion.
-Private web page with videos of all of the commands being performed and why/when to use them; Including exercises for practice.

Board and Train Entails:

All Obedience On/Off Leash :

-Recall (Come on Command)

-Proper Walking Etiquette



-Place Command (Bed Stay)

-General Manners ( No Jumping, No Counter Surfing, Etc…)

3 Week Stay


4 Week Stay


Puppy Kick-Start Program

*Puppies 6 – 10 months only *

Got a new pup and looking to get them off to a great start in life? Our 2 week immersive puppy jumpstart program is just for you!

In this program we will focus on setting up a solid foundation of learning and clear expectations from your pup so that you will have a well mannered, easy to handle dog in any environment. We will be implementing all the tools and same commands we use in our other board and train programs, but catered to your young dog in a more puppy focused and condensed manner.

*Please note that this 2 week jumpstart program is not appropriate for ALL puppies! This is not a behavioral modification program, and if your dog has any issues with aggression or severe behavioral issues; a 3-4 week board and train will always be recommended/necessary.

2 Week Puppy Kick-Start Program


Looking to take your dog’s training to the next level?

– Let’s Customize Your Plan –

Not sure what would be best for your dog? Let’s chat! We’ll discuss your ideal training goals in an in depth conversation regarding your dogs behavior, current level of obedience, and how far we can take them towards being the best version of themselves, within an appropriate time frame

Customized Plan

Pricing varies based on duration of stay and goals.

Ready to take the next step?

Let’s talk about how we can help you achieve your training goals