Take your training to the next level. Your dog will enjoy a stay of 2 or 3 weeks within the home of a professional dog trainer. Living with a professional dog trainer has distinct advantages when compared to private lessons.


Your dog is learning directly from a professional, getting hours upon hours of training each day, where every decision is guided and reinforced.


Allow us to work through the tough stages of early training.


The board and train program is customizable to fit your needs; as the program allows us to get to bond with your dog on a deeper level, we’re able to find the work your dog enjoys to perform; whether it be competitive obedience or goofy tricks, whatever you’d like your dog to learn, we can teach it.

Board and Train Pricing

Cash and major credit cards are accepted. Payment is due in full at the time your dog is dropped off for their stay with us.

2 Week Stay


3 Week Stay


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